Lambda Partners was created by the senior search team at Wenham Carter Group; an established technology, media, and telecoms recruitment business with a proven track record since 1998.

Lambda Partners was created to focus on the specific need of digital transformation and the requirement to identify talent from adjacent vertical markets on a global basis. Traditional Executive Search is structured by location and single specialist vertical; this is an outdated approach for the digital age of industry agnostic skill sets, corporate disruption and global mobility.

Lambda Partners was created to address these challenges by focussing on -

  • Digital Talent not Industry Vertical approach.
  • Direct and Lean; focussed on high calibre, transformational talent - not industry whitepapers, business breakfasts or multi-page candidate reporting.
  • Borderless; without politics of local office franchises / industry ringfencing.

Search areas

Digital Transformation

  • Product
  • Data Science, AI, Analytics, BI
  • UX/UI
  • CyberSecurity and Blockchain
  • eCommerce, Marketing, Sales and Care
  • Innovation Labs and R&D


  • Connected Mobility and ADAS
  • Telecoms, IoT, M2M and Smart Home
  • Insurance, InsurTech, UBI and Telematics
  • Payments and Financial Services
  • Technology and Management Consulting
  • Digital Marketplaces


Lambda Partners has a strong focus on driving female leadership in the tech and digital domain. We network extensively with leading and emerging female talent globally and are recognised by HR Directors as experts in identifying the best female executives.